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Join Our Team

We are a people company!

Great, so what does that mean, you may ask... 
It means, as an employee you're a priority.

You're a relationship not a transaction.

 You're part of the team.

Your opinion and voice matter.

You're a human and not a number...

We take care and treat you like we treat ourselves:

With respect, dignity, compassion, empathy, gratitude...

The way we should all be treated!

  • We are always looking for self-motivated people who strive to better themselves in their personal and professional life.

  • We hold a high priority for the betterment of every individual we hire and pride ourselves on making a difference by providing high-quality commercial cleaning services.

Benefits of Working With Us:


Flexible Work Hours

Management That Listens

Open Communication


Responsive and Respectable Supervisors

Competitive Pay

Empowering Management 

Required Skill Set:




Team Player



High Attention To Detail

Problem Solver


Duties and Responsibilities:

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Carpet Cleaning

Hard Floor Cleaning

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Office Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

Restroom Cleaning

Stocking Paper Products

Replenish Sanitary Supplies

Glass And Window Cleaning

Disinfecting Various Surfaces

Have Questions? Give Us A Call!

Physical Demands:


Continuous Standing / Walking on Concrete and Tile Floors

Repetitive Trunk Forward Bending and Trunk Rotation

Frequent Lifting / Carrying (Possibly up to 40 lbs)

Preferred Experience:

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At Least 1 Year of Professional Cleaning

Current Openings Available:​

Commercial Cleaning Team Member - $15.00 / Hr.

  • Locations: Stevens Point, WI; Wausau, WI

  • Hours:

    • 15 - 30 Hours Per Week (Range of hours)

    • Starting at 5:30 PM Monday thru Friday.

Duties to Perform:

  • Clean and supply designated facility areas

  • Performs general sweeping, scrubbing, mopping of hardwood, laminate, concrete, or tiled floors

  • Use vacuuming equipment; vacuum and clean carpets, perform further treatments such as shampoo or stain-removal as needed

  • Disposing of trash from bins and containers

  • Properly cleaning and disinfecting of facility walls and cabinets to remove any contaminates

  • Polishing furniture and room accessories as needed

  • Scrubbing sinks, basins, and toilets in private and public bathrooms

  • Cleaning windows, glass surfaces, and mirrors

  • Maintaining and upkeep of all cleaning equipment, supplies, and products

Job Openings
Team Member Application

"It's simple really, you can stay with us for two weeks, two months or two years. That is not up to us, that's up to you. However, while you're here, we want to make sure you have the proper resources, knowledge and support we can offer so you feel confident to perform the tasks at hand, comfortable in your work environment and empowered to do your best."

- Nate Lucht, CEO

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