About Us

Spotless Co.®️ is a locally owned and operated people company that happens to have professional cleaning services. Founded in Wausau, WI we quickly grew to the surrounding areas and now call Stevens Point, WI our home town. We're a people company first because people are truly the heart of who we are. People come first, it's that simple. Whether it's a new hire that recently came on board or our longest-term client. Because people come first, we focus on relationship building through effective communication, consistent follow-up and follow-through as well as asking our team members often how they are doing.


 Spotless Co.®️ strives to be your go-to for your commercial cleaning needs while maintaining an awareness of your schedule and lifestyle.  We enjoy using quality Eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products aside from our commercial-grade cleaning chemical line. 

Our Why

We at Spotless Co. believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by giving the highest quality care and respect to everyone who engages with us. We just happen to provide professional cleaning services.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to raise the bar on relationship development by cultivating community and inspiring hope while providing professional cleaning services.

Our Vision

Spotless Co. is consistently working to establish ourselves as the most respected and sought after cleaning and facilities support services across the Nation. We seek to build partnerships based on solid, trusting relationships with every client.

Our Values

  • Respect: We take the time to understand and value each person and respect their choices.

  • Responsibility: We act with integrity towards our employees, customers, the community and the environment.

  • Relentlessness: We strive to inspire others with our pursuit for excellence and desire by continued growth in our personal and professional lives.

  • Tenacious: We persist on doing our best and do not easily give up.