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Is your facility's cleanliness not at the level you are expecting?
Are you cleaning after your cleaners?
Do you believe your facility could be cleaner?


If you’ve answered yes to one of the questions above, you’re not alone! You spend roughly six to eight hours of your day in the workplace – wouldn’t it be nice to know that it’s clean? When you partner with us, we bring in our Spotless® Cleaning Program to solve your ongoing problems of cleanliness, continued follow-up and headaches. Allow us to be the missing piece to your outstanding reputation!

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Why Us?


Relationship Building

We partner with you and will further the relationship through effective communication. Your building becomes our building and we want to communicate anything we may come across or even ask how you are doing!

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We incorporate accountability programs to ensure our standard of cleanliness exceeds your expectations with scheduled management follow-up and follow-through.


People Oriented

We're people focused and we  employ and empower adaptable individuals who strive to better themselves in their personal and professional lives. 

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You're one step closer to a cleaner facility!

"Our cause is simple, provide the best facility support services while focusing on the well-being of our employees, your active schedule, the particular facility involved and the environment."

- Nate Lucht, CEO

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You Only Get One First Impression


Alex W.

Office Manager

They care. Like, actually care.. I've been through so many cleaning companies and finally feel I don't have to find another one. What a relief...

Russ E.

Business Owner

The follow-up that Spotless has really made me feel heard and understood.  If I request something or have a question, they are on it and communicate clearly.

Business Owner

I like how consistent Spotless is. Everyday that I'm in my office, it's always the same. It's also nice to know that they keep a checklist on site here so I can go and see what get's cleaned and how often.

Kevin K.